Livingston High School 


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In September of 2013, we presented our ideas and achievements to Pathways in a conference at Montville High School.  In addition, we have started an email buddy program for members to email middle school students of all abilities. 

In August of 2012, Livingston High School was awarded the Include ME! Challenge Grant to build inclusion programs at the high school with student leadership. Pathways for Exceptional Children awarded the grant to LHS teachers Patty Kaes and Paul Raiz. As a result, the ACTION! club was formed. The goal of ACTION! is to make the LHS community more inclusive, to empower diversity and to encourage students to become leaders of social change. Student members of ACTION! will have the opportunity to become trained mentors to work with individuals of all abilities. Student members will be able to explore and create programs specific to their passions while making it a priority to include as many children as possible. The student members will not only work with their peers at the high school, but will also volunteer at many of the community events for children and adults with special needs.